Diary: Rose Festival Medallion Hunt

Sunday, May 27 (Day 1)

The first clue

Monday, May 28 (Day 2)

Tuesday, May 29 (Day 3)

Wednesday, May 30 (Day 4)

Indiana passes the test of the penitent man in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Thursday, May 31 (Day 5)

Friday, June 1 (Day 6)

Knights Bridge on a map, near Canby Ferry and Molalla River State Park

Saturday, June 2 (Day 7)

Standing on top of and below Knights Bridge near Canby, Oregon
Part of the Cottonwood Trail in Molalla River State Park
A geocache and its contents

Sunday, June 3 (Day 8)

Entering Molalla River State Park
The wildflower field/dog park that greets visitors to Molalla River State Park
Far down the Cottonwood Trail in Molalla
In Champoeg, looking over the river to see if there’s a good spot on the in-county side

Monday, June 4 (Day 9)

Forming a triangle on a map by connecting three previous winning locations

Tuesday, June 5 (Clue 10)

Parts of the Friends Circle in Tryon
Fascinating trees in Tryon
Along the Ruth Pennington trail in Tryon

Wednesday, June 6 (Clue 11)

Thursday, June 7 (Clue 12)

  • “Three become one” seems like it has to be Tryon (tri+one, if that wordplay clue means that we’re fudging letters of everything a little bit).
  • “Marshal” is another military term.
  • Someone on Facebook finds that Multnomah County “parcel 34” (from Day 9’s clue) lands right in the midst of Tryon, just near where we were searching yesterday.
The Grand Army of the Republic Oregon Historic Cemetary

Friday, June 8 (Clue 13)

Out at Molalla at 7am
A post on a fence amidst a hedge
Photo by Bryan Oberg via the park’s Google listing
My hands were still shaking at this point



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Laura E. Hall

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