Escape Rooms in Media: 2 Broke Girls

The Show

There’s a brief start to the episode in which former socialite Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) discovers that her streetwise roommate of four years Max Black (Kat Dennings) has been overcharging her $25 a month in rent. The premise of the show is that the girls are pooling their money equally, saving up to open a cupcake shop; every episode ends with a dollar total showing how much they have in the bank.

Game Flow

Final Thoughts

  • Counting the preamble to the escape room scene and the conflict resolution convo at the end, Caroline complains that Max has secretly overcharged her for rent a total of 10 times in the episode. The episode is 20.5 minutes long, without the opening and closing credits. So it gets brought up about once every two minutes. It’s exhausting.
  • Whether it’s mocking people for being foreigners, dissing their intelligence, commenting on their sexual appetites, or mocking their age, if there’s an opportunity for this show to insult someone, it takes it.
  • And then it punctuates every insult with a laugh track, as if what they’ve just said is somehow okay. Yikes.
  • Pretty much all comedies thrive on dysfunctional characters, but the clever shows are well aware of the fact that their people are troubled, and allow them to learn and grow, even if it’s difficult. This is not one of those shows. Max never owns fully owns her mistake, although she does eventually apologize. Somehow it all gets turned back onto Caroline for “loving money,” instead of being justifiably upset that her best friend and roommate stole $1200 from her over 4 years.



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Laura E. Hall

Laura E. Hall

Immersive, escape rooms, narrative, video games, ARGs, VR, puzzles, mysteries. PLANNING YOUR ESCAPE, Simon & Schuster. KATAMARI DAMACY, Boss Fight Books.