Escape Rooms in Media: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Show

The B-plot of this episode brings together some unlikely characters, people who never spend time together in the show, kinda like Chandler and Phoebe.

Game Flow

Final Thoughts

  • The posters in the room are all original illustrations, inspired by real Cold War-era posters. One AV Club review of the episode pointed out that one of the posters features the word “SCRAP” prominently — a reference to beloved SF escape room institution SCRAP? There’s one for Fallout, too. And the can wraps are totally a reference to Lost’s Dharma Initiative packaging.
  • Tenuous connection trivia fact: in the movie Game Night, Chelsea Peretti’s character works for a live-action murder mystery company.



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Laura E. Hall

Laura E. Hall

Immersive, escape rooms, narrative, video games, ARGs, VR, puzzles, mysteries. PLANNING YOUR ESCAPE, Simon & Schuster. KATAMARI DAMACY, Boss Fight Books.