Escape Rooms in Media: Index

Laura E. Hall
2 min readJan 7, 2019


Escape the room puzzle games are on TV and movie screens everywhere. So, from the perspective of an escape room game designer and owner, how well are they portrayed?

By now, it feels like every sitcom has shoved their characters into an escape room, for better or worse.

As a creator of award-winning escape rooms, I’m very interested in their influence on popular culture. I’m currently documenting rooms shown in television shows and in films, their puzzles and game flow, and how these games are used to advance the show’s narrative, and showcase character dynamics and development.

So far, I’ve covered:



  • Coming soon: Escape Room (2019)

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L. E. Hall is an artist, writer, puzzle-maker, immersive environment and narrative designer living in Portland, Oregon. Her work focuses on the intersections between arts, culture, and technology, especially in gaming.

She is the founder of puzzle, game, and experience design company Timberview Productions, founder of Portland’s first escape the room game company, the award-winning Meridian Adventure Co., and the author of Katamari Damacy for Boss Fight Books and Planning Your Escape for Simon and Schuster’s Tiller Press. She proudly serves on the board of the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad), a non-profit organization supporting indie game development and community in Portland. Find her work online and on Twitter.



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