Escape Rooms in Media: My Little Pony

The Show

A huge group of colorful ponies, unicorns, and pegasuses (pegasi?) walk down a wooden platform next to a candy-frosted train.

Game Flow

Final Thoughts

  • The room attendant’s “cutie mark” (the unique symbol on every My Little Pony’s thigh) is a padlock, which is a nice touch.
  • However, the attendant is shown to be a geeky teen with braces, glasses, and a droll delivery like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. Games of all types are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world, yet this stereotype prevails. I wish this shorthand would fade away.
  • There’s an official MLP short film (“Best Gift Ever”) that also features an escape room…it’s, uh, a bit less structured than the one featured in “All Bottled Up”
  • The writers of this episode seem to really get the, shall we say, dual nature of escape rooms. They’re complicated challenges and take a lot of detailed work to create, and it takes skill to successfully solve them. But there’s absolutely an element of silliness to the whole endeavor. Players start in the real world and it takes a while to transition into the world of the game. A good depiction of an escape room experience includes exactly that: people joking around or playacting before they all dive in and get absorbed. It’s fun to see it shown in this episode.



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Laura E. Hall

Laura E. Hall

Immersive, escape rooms, narrative, video games, ARGs, VR, puzzles, mysteries. PLANNING YOUR ESCAPE, Simon & Schuster. KATAMARI DAMACY, Boss Fight Books.