Escape Rooms in Media: Portlandia

The Game

On NE Sandy Blvd, the camera shows a nondescript building with a parking lot (nice), before cutting to the inside of the building, the lobby of an escape room company called “Escapes of Wrath”.

On the left, a poster from the fictional “Escapes of Wrath” company. On the right, a flyer from SCRAP/Real Escape Game.

Game Flow

Final Thoughts

  • As nice and accommodating as that clerk was, there are a few issues that their boss might wanna bring up in the next review. They obviously weren’t watching the cameras when they were cut off the ceiling with an axe; someone in the room electrocuted themselves; patrons tore up books; and someone punched a hole in the wall that they then climbed through. Hopefully they kept their credit card on file, at the very least.
  • The tagline for Escapes of Wrath is “Solve the Mystery, Find the Clue, Save the World.” The tagline for our Portland-based escape room company was “Discover the Clues, Solve the Mysteries, Escape the Room.” Maybe they had a quick google to see what area rooms were using?
  • Let’s take a moment to appreciate the set designers, who put a lot of thought into the small details that flesh out the backgrounds of these shows. As an example, check out this selection of posters from Escapes of Wrath games:
  • As always, if anyone wants to clean out their props warehouse, or even send a high-res pic of the posters or the safety signs, my mailbox is always open!



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Laura E. Hall

Laura E. Hall

Immersive, escape rooms, narrative, video games, ARGs, VR, puzzles, mysteries. PLANNING YOUR ESCAPE, Simon & Schuster. KATAMARI DAMACY, Boss Fight Books.