Escape Rooms in Media: Schitt’s Creek

The Show

The exterior of a strip mall shopping area. It’s labeled “Elmdale escapes” and has posters in the window advertising games
Two people stand in an escape room lobby. The man is wearing an “I’m the bride” crown and a shirt that says “I’m stupid”
Two men in an escape room lobby. One is pointing excitedly toward the group in an encouraging way
A bored young woman, an older woman, and an older man standing in an escape room lobby. The man is on his phone
A man reluctantly places his phone into a metal lockbox
A hand creeps into the scene to gently shut a metal box
A tropical-themed room with a beach mural, fake palm trees, and wicker furniture
A group crowding into an escape room. A young woman is looking very startled
A hooded figure in a chair, face obscured
A man holding a laminated sheet of paper gazing intensely at something in the foreground
A woman in a frilly, fancy outfit sitting down on a chair next to a game desk
A lamp, some pinned butterflies, and a birdcage. On the wallpaper, a red-beaked finch next to a letter 6
A man and woman stand next to a large chart of birds and numbers. The man is holding up a sheet next to it
A man looking into the room behind him with an overly intense grimace
People rummage around in a bookshelf behind a man in a suit, who is turning toward the camera
A man in a suit is leaning over a hooded figure. Both are waving their fingers at each other
A man triumphantly holds up a book that he’s pulled from the bookshelf next to him
A man screams excitedly after unlocking a padlock, while others around him look on
A man does a funny little fist pump when the team successfully solves a puzzle
A woman in a frilly outfit in the middle of standing up from a chair
A picture of a sunset over a rural horizon
Three people gaze up at three red discs at the top of a wall, in a little box, out of reach
A man turns to grimace at another man, who is recoiling from him
A man with a crumpled grimacing face uses bellows above his head as someone cheers him on
A man and woman crouch over a hooded figure in a chair
A young woman holds an antique-looking cylinder as she sits in a chair
A young woman holds a flashlight up, talking as an older man looks on
A young woman triumphantly shines a blacklight on a map, revealing words that are slightly too blurry to read

“I’m tall when I’m young, and short when I’m old”

A young woman excitedly picks up a candle as fog emerges from the wall
A young woman follows a red laser as it hits a symbol on a vase on a shelf
A woman’s hand as it picks up a pyramid statuette on a desk
A woman holds up a key triumphantly as a man looks on in the background, surprised
We’ll just ignore that the pyramid and key were sitting right there, unobstructed, the entire time
A woman holds up a key triumphantly as her parents look on, encouraging her
A group of people in a lobby, as a young woman emerges from the room behind them, lowering her hood
In the foreground, a brother and sister chat at a bar. In the background, two parents and two young people are talking

Game Flow

A black and white flow chart outlining puzzles and actions, in order as they appear in the show

Final Thoughts



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