• Ted DiNola

    Ted DiNola

    Game developer and programmer/designer. My opinions are mine, and mine alone, and do not reflect those of any company/goverment/cult I associate myself with.

  • Scott Edward Carver

    Scott Edward Carver

    Native Oregonian & Frontend Web Developer with @Pollinate.

  • Aaron Steed

    Aaron Steed

    I make games and pictures.

  • Kris Ligman

    Kris Ligman

    Non-binary newsie/CM, waiting for my robot body.

  • Will Pearson

    Will Pearson

    Research, design and technology; sustainability, mycology and culture. Always on

  • Mia Judkins

    Mia Judkins

    Loves games, coffee, nudibranchs, and stories. I post pictures of cats.

  • Brent Dixon

    Brent Dixon

    Designer, Facilitator, Educator

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