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  • Robin Vilain

    Robin Vilain

    Might be a real human being. Might be iridescent. Seeks engaging+meaningful game experiences. Does mission design at Ivory Tower on *NDA* (stay tuned!)

  • Holly Gramazio

    Holly Gramazio

    mostly I design games // general work stuff http://hollygramazio.net // twitter @hollygramazio

  • Jaysplaining


    ephemeron archivist, freeform game designer, graphic artist, fashionable skeptic.

  • Craig Winslow

    Craig Winslow

    Adobe Creative Resident โ€˜16 ๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ”ฆ Experiential Designer, reviver of ghost signs http://lightcapsul.es // http://craigwinslow.com

  • Shawn Pierre

    Shawn Pierre

    Everyday, I learn more about how I know nothing. Oh, and I love video games. Making things under @origaminc (http://www.origaminc.com)

  • Adam Single @ MIGW

    Adam Single @ MIGW

    Father, Husband, Coder and cofounder @SlyBudgie coder @7BitHero, @onecoiners and Real Serious Games @GameTechBne & @GameDevBne co-organizer

  • jordan renee

    jordan renee

    sad and sassy. writer. cm punani (the best in the world). #thenewslay cutie at @wiedenkennedy tweets are my own.

  • Liz Edwards

    Liz Edwards

    VR artist // 3D character artist // Sketchfab Master

  • Maria Genitempo

    Maria Genitempo

    UI Geek, crafty momma, SAG actor, urban gardener, thrifty shopper, vintage lover & naturally full of awesomeness! Remember re-use is the greenest choice of all.

  • Darran Anderson

    Darran Anderson

    Imaginary Cities @influxpress & @UChicagoPress Writing Tidewrack @ChattoBooks (UK) & @fsgbooks (US). Irish. Married to @ChristianaSpens Rep by @EveWhiteAgency

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